I want to reiterate how powerful and important [group art therapy] was for me at such a turning point in my life. I feel so empowered and also free. Thank you. This work is amazing.

--J.R., Jan 2019, former group participant

I have seen so so much progress and have pulled away priceless life lessons from this experience. Most of all, I feel empowered that I can continue moving forward in a healthy way.

--T.D., May 2019, former group participant

“Nurturing the Nurturer” was a workshop thoroughly worth a clinicians investment in time. It was money well spent for a topic and population that are often overlooked. Thank you...for such a sensitive delivery of what maybe a difficult topic for women.

--K. T. N., art therapist and webinar participant

[The "Nurturing the Nurturer"] training was informative and the material provided was current. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like a thorough introduction into perinatal mental health and how to introduce art therapy into practice. In addition you will also have many helpful resources to enhance your learning for this topic.

--J. P. N., art therapist and webinar participant

Beautiful and well-informed presentation that provided me with validation and helpful tools to use in my Art Therapy work, also as a working mother in this field!

--K. M., art therapist and webinar participant

Sharon has helped her clients seek the inspiration and resources needed to express themselves creatively, to find healing through art and expression, and to reclaim their voices. She is truly skillful, and equally as important, she is kind. Anyone working with her is lucky to have her as their therapist and is sure to benefit from her deep wisdom, grace, experience, and warm heart.

--Kaylee Rutchik, LCSW, RYT Psychotherapy and Yoga Therapy

Sharon brings a creative, compassionate, playful, respectful energy to her work with clients. She promotes clients’ self- insight and ego development through the strategic facilitation of varied therapeutic approaches. Her integration of mindfulness –based practices in particular, deepens the therapeutic experience and arms clients with meaningful skills to support their growth and/or recovery. Her artistic talents and training as art therapist provides a unique lens by which to assess, interact with and reach clients of all ages and stages of cognitive development. Though the environments and client populations she’s worked with are varied and complex, Sharon is a consistent source of positivity, strength, integrity, and hope for clients and colleagues alike.

--Jessica Glazer, LCSW

I have been impressed by Sharon's integration of theory into practice and her engagement of our mutual clients. I would recommend art therapy for anyone seeking to develop a broader emotional vocabulary and exploration of personal barriers and goals. Sharon is the ideal therapist for clients seeking to increase self-awareness and behavioral change or cope with trauma through the therapeutic medium of mindful art making.

--Shelly Levy, Psy.D

I strongly recommend Sharon Itkoff Nacache as an art therapist and psychotherapist.  As her colleague, I have found her to be sensitive to the needs of her patients and willing to utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches.  She is an extremely responsible professional and is a clinician of honesty and integrity.

--Marvin Z. Deluty, Ph.D., Fellow and Diplomate, American Board of Medical Psychotherapists and Psychodiagnosticians

Sharon is a highly motivated and genuinely dedicated individual who is determined to make a difference in the life of others, through her genuine engagement and unconditional positive regard. Through the use of empathy she meets her clients with compassion and self-awareness.  Sharon demonstrates a strong commitment to working with a diversity of clients from different backgrounds and cultures. I believe art therapy can provide Sharon’s prospective clients with a forum to express strengths and genuineness. What cannot be said with words may be more easily expressed through art, which may also provide an experience that is stress and anxiety-reducing as well as relaxing.

--Gillian David, LMSW, MHC

Sharon’s patients are complex and bring a wide variety of challenges, yet Sharon always manages to find the tools they can use to navigate the difficulties encountered in their lives. Be it mental or physical illness, intellectual disability, substance abuse, homelessness, adjustment problems, psychosocial abuse, or loss and grief, Sharon has proven an effective clinician and empathic human being providing invaluable support to her patients. Sharon pays attention to the needs of her clients and works diligently to elicit the elements that build and reinforce their insight and awareness. She is detail oriented, enthusiastic, organized, deeply and vastly perceptive, imaginative, creative, practical, intelligent, sensitive, and remarkably resourceful. Sharon is exceptionally supportive and collaborative with her colleagues who share the same caliber of fondness and admiration constantly expressed by her patients. Sharon brings to the community ever much needed clinical skills and humanity which will certainly leave an enduring and enriching touch in the lives of those lucky enough to work with her. It has been a privilege knowing and working with her.

--Dr. J. Kobeissi, MD

Choosing a therapist in NYC can be difficult given the abundance of practitioners and therapeutic modalities. My colleague, Sharon Itkoff Nacache, is someone who I trust implicitly to provide compassionate and effective treatment to you or your loved one. Sharon is uniquely qualified in treating new mothers experiencing emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety. Her approach blends psychodynamically informed creative arts therapy with cognitive and dialectical behavioral skills. In working with Sharon you will gain insight into your challenges and learn techniques to overcome them. She is warm, non-judgemental, and has excellent clinical judgement.

--Dr. Elliot Kaminetzky