Welcome! ARTsiinery is a play on words using the initials of my name, Sharon Ilaina Itkoff Nacache--pronounced "seen"--to represent a creative, artsy way of engaging with one's surroundings--or scenery--from different perspectives. I believe that an open mind and willingness to explore the "artsiinery" around and within is what's needed to embark on a journey of personal wellness and discovery.

My psychotherapy approach is grounded in principles of mindfulness, humanism, and the healing power of the creative process. I have developed a personal practice of MBSR--Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction--and integrate these techniques in the professional arena wherever possible.  I take a respectful, collaborative approach to working with clients of all ages as I feel we all can benefit from learning how to creatively cope with life stressors and develop a more compassionate lens through which to see ourselves and the world.

I earned my Masters of Professional Studies in Creative Arts Therapy and Creativity Development at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY in 2010 and have been state licensed and nationally board certified since 2013.  I have 11 years of clinical experience and embody a deep commitment to working with an array of at-risk/under-served child and adult populations, including those struggling with developmental disabilities, substance use disorders, mood disorders, chronic illness, trauma histories, professional burnout, and adjustment issues around life transitions such as new parenthood.  Since becoming a mother, I'm especially passionate about providing support for those in personal and professional care-taking roles and have received advanced training through Postpartum Support International and Seleni Institute. I am a certified perinatal mental health specialist with a strong focus in maternal, parental, and reproductive wellness using creative clinical approaches.

I joined Water & Stone PLLC in 2018 and facilitate creative wellness workshops to aid in burnout prevention for the Head Start/Early Head Start staff of several local nonprofit agencies around NYC. I am also the Art Therapy Program Manager at the Art Therapy Practice, a growing group practice in Manhattan affiliated with the School of Visual Arts and Art Therapy Project. I enjoy wearing many hats—including that of clinician, supervisor, consultant/contractor, artist, educator, workshop facilitator, manager, and mother.